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A drive for the whole family

As you may know we here at Newbury Leasing do not only supply business car leasing deals, we also supply a range of great value personal car leasing deals too. Since our last few articles have mainly focussed on our business car leasing deals, we thought that it was time to discuss our personal car leasing deals in a little more detail. So, with this in mind we are asking, what is the best car for the whole family?

It is about that time of the year when many online articles begin to review the cars that are currently on the market. There has after all been a good six months or so for these cars to be prove their worth. One such article regarding the top 10 best saloon cars caught our eye, and this got us thinking about the family car.

A good family car has a lot of criteria to meet, a few examples can be found below.

i)It needs to be roomy and comfortable enough for the family during long trips
ii)It needs a spacious boot, for luggage and a sizeable weekly shop
iii)It needs to handle well on the road, especially during school runs
iv)It needs to look the part, so teens can’t criticise Mum and Dad’s taxi service

So just what are the best family cars? Well it is important to remember that a family car doesn’t just mean, “buy any old saloon”. The modern driver has many more options than they once did. Estate cars, MPVs and hatchbacks are all equally as important when it comes to the family car. We believe the cars listed below, meet the four pieces of criteria we mentioned above.

Vauxhall Viva Hatchback 1.0 SL 5dr – If your budget only stretches as far as a hatchback, we recommend a five door. The great thing about the modern hatchback is just how roomy they can be, this Vauxhall Viva is certainly no exception.

Skoda Yeti Outdoor Estate 1.2 TSI [110] S 5dr – You can’t beat an estate when it comes to space. This stylish Skoda comes complete with a roof space, perfect for transporting extra luggage.

We have too many great family worthy vehicles to mention in just one article, so make sure that you visit us over on the website for more personal car leasing deals.

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Posted on 12th July 2016 at 4:53 PM

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