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The stars and their cars

As we supply some of the best personal and business car lease deals on the market, we sometimes like to take the opportunity to look at what cars are popular at the moment. Sometimes we can’t help but feel a little envious of the cars that those in the spotlight get to drive. For those of you who are fans of all things motoring we thought we would treat you to a few of our favourite stars, and their favourite cars.

Sir Paul McCartney’s Corvette

We are pretty sure this is not the only the car The Beatles’ legend has in his arsenal, but he has been seen out in his a Corvette C6 Convertible on more than one occasion. Perhaps it is his favourite! At 74 years young, this choice of car just goes to show that when it comes to Rock N Roll Sir Paul still has it.

Wayne Rooney's As BMW i8

As recently as 2005 Rooney was seen driving around in a Ford Ka, it seems however that he has opted for a considerable upgrade. As one of the highest paid footballers in the Premier League (luckily for him he is not paid on performance if the Euros were anything to go by!) the £105,000 price tag on the BMW i8 is sheer pocket money to him. The car is a lot of luxury, for a lot of money.

Michael McIntyre’s Jaguar XK convertible

He may be known for joking around however, it seems the floppy haired comedian is deadly serious when it comes to his ride. He has opted for a cool Jaguar XK convertible, which is a step up from his student days - having owned an Austin Metro.

Hugh Grant’s Audi R8

We don’t know if he still owns it, but the star owned the classy Audi R8 at one time. Grant has admitted his love for “flash” cars in various interviews, it seems that on this occasion that he has opted for the flashiest of motors.

Looking at star’s cars is all very well, but let’s turn our attention to you. Is it time for you to upgrade your current motor? If so why not look at one of our personal or business car lease deals? Like the sounds of that? Then contact us today for more information on our exciting personal or business car lease deals.

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Posted on 15th July 2016 at 8:55 AM

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